I have always been a passionate person: passionate about family, friends, travel and politics. During my undergraduate and law school years, I developed a passion for writing. In June, 2012, after a long discussion with a good friend, I combined the passion for politics and writing. 2 Rights Make a Left was born to assist in the understanding of progressive policies and their rationales. It is my goal to continue to grow the readership and to spread informed, intelligent and respectful discussion of the issues of our day.

What’s so great about being a freelance writer? Well, the ten second commute is pretty awesome! But, the best part is the vast array of clients and topics with which I come into contact. Every single day is different. Monotony is a thing of the past for me. I find it both challenging and exciting when a new client contacts me to write about something new.

I have written extensively on Capital Punishment and enjoy debating the morality, ethical and legal issues involved with state sanctioned murder. I have also been published on Yahoo! where I am a Hot 500 Contributor and provide a weekly ghost written post for a technical recruiting firm. I’ve also co-authored several articles on Estate Planning and the issues involved with estate and gift taxes.

I have a B.A. from Loyola University Chicago in Political Science and Communication. I have a J.D. from Barry University in Orlando.