The written word is compelling.

How often has a book, article, or speech moved you to action? All of that comes from the written word. Using the right words in the right order creates a call to action that makes people want to act.

Does your law firm have trouble converting website visitors to paying clients? Do your competitors rank higher than you in search results? You need a legal copywriter who can convey your law firm’s value to clients, getting them to pick up the phone and hire you for their legal needs. Finding a legal copywriter who also understands the law and knows what you can and cannot say on your website is vital to keeping your good name.

Below, you will find a small sampling of copywriting work completed in my name. To find out how I can add value to your law firm’s copywriting needs, use the contact form below to send me a message today.

Forbes Advisor Author Page

LegalZoom Author Page

eBook: Juries Like Giving a Death Sentence

Estate Planning Website Copy

Email Drip Campaign

Legal Separation or Divorce

How Will Bankruptcy Affect my Child Support Obligations?

Class Action Lawyers

Juarez v. Wash Depot

Yahoo! News George Zimmerman Verdict Response

Democracy Chronicles

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