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HR & Small Business Advising

Whether you’re a small business owner, part of an HR team, launching a startup, or a solopreneur, the right HR and business guidance can make all the difference. I bring to the table years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to serve your specific needs.

Having an on-call HR advisor, especially one with my legal background, can be a game-changer for your business. It’s like having a fractional HR professional at your disposal, ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

HR & Small Business Services

These are just a few of the services I offer. For more information and to see how I can help you with your specific needs, please contact me. Let’s work together to overcome your challenges and achieve your business goals.

HR Compliance

I conduct thorough audits, develop tailored policies, and provide comprehensive training to ensure your business meets all federal, state, and local labor laws. My proactive approach helps mitigate risks, protects your business from potential fines, and allows you to focus on growth and productivity.

Enhancing Employee Engagement and Benefits

By developing customized benefits packages and creating effective engagement programs, I help you retain top talent and improve overall job satisfaction. My strategies are designed to boost morale, increase productivity, and foster a positive and motivated workforce.

Business Process Improvement

I analyze your operations to identify inefficiencies and implement innovative solutions tailored to your needs. My services streamline workflows, reduce costs, and enhance productivity, driving your business towards operational excellence and better performance.

Employee Handbook: Development & Audits

I assist in creating or updating your employee handbook to ensure it reflects current laws and best practices. By providing clear and compliant handbooks, I help you communicate policies and expectations effectively, fostering a positive and organized workplace environment.

Organizational Structure & Talent Development

I design optimal organizational structures that align with your business goals and develop talent management programs to identify and nurture future leaders. My services ensure you have the right structure and talent in place to drive growth and long-term success.

Change Management

I offer change management strategies to help your business navigate transitions smoothly, whether it’s a merger, restructuring, or implementing new technologies. My support minimizes disruption and helps your team adapt effectively, ensuring continued business success.

Standard Operating Procedure Development & Audits

I develop and audit your standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure they are comprehensive and practical. By maintaining clear and efficient SOPs, I help you achieve consistency and high standards across your operations, enhancing overall efficiency.

Additional Services

Additional services available under the CPO Guide program (each billed at $175 per hour):

  • One on one meetings with your staff
  • Conducting candidate interviews
  • Compliance training for management
  • Compliance training for staff
Company hierarchical organizational chart concept with copy space.
new hire and mentor going over the employee handbook together


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HR & Small Business Consulting Pricing

I charge $115 to $175 per hour depending on the services requested, including flat-rate options for standard documents. I also offer subscription prices of roughly 20% off the regular hourly rate. Contact me to learn more information about pricing for your needs.

HR & Small Business Consulting Subscription Plans​

Ideal for small businesses or startups needing foundational HR support

Price: $299/month


  • Monthly HR compliance audit, access to template HR documents (e.g., contracts, policies)
  • Up to two hours of support each month through email, phone, and video calls


  • Clients must participate in two, one-hour kickoff calls during month one
  • Three-month minimum commitment with autopay
  • Additional work billed at $175 per hour

Designed for startups and small- and medium-sized businesses requiring strategic HR services

Price: $699/month


  • Everything in Basic
    Customized HR strategy development
  • Ongoing support via email, and up to four hours of phone and video calls each month



  • Clients must participate in two, one-hour kickoff calls during month one
  • Three-month minimum commitment with autopay
  • Additional work billed at $175 per hour

Tailored for rapidly growing organizations or those with complex HR needs

Price: $1299/month


  • All Professional features
  • Up to eight total hours of support per month via email, phone, and video calls
  • Crisis management support



  • Clients must participate in two, one-hour kickoff calls during month one
  • Eight hours of support included monthly (kickoff call excluded)
  • Three-month minimum commitment with autopay
  • Additional work billed at $175 per hour

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HR & Small Business Consulting FAQ’s

Yes, small businesses need HR. The moment you hire your first employee, HR responsibilities kick in. There’s no magic number dictating when to establish a dedicated HR department, but generally, companies start considering it around the 15 to 50 employee mark since this is when most major federal laws apply. HR is crucial for compliance, employee management, and establishing workplace culture, regardless of size.

The most important HR requirements include compliance with labor laws, effective recruitment and hiring processes, clear employee policies and procedures, training and development, and performance management systems. For small to medium-sized businesses, setting up these foundational elements early on is critical to ensure legal compliance and support business growth.

Yes, as a non-practicing lawyer, you get access to my years of legal experience combined with corporate HR work. This unique combination of skills provides a solid foundation for your business needs. I also have an established network with other professionals, allowing me to facilitate access to comprehensive and holistic advice for my clients.

Absolutely. An employee handbook isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s your HR guide. It sets the tone for your company culture and clarifies policies and expectations. Without it, you’re navigating the employee relationship without a map. And trust me, “winging it” is not a recommended HR strategy.

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